Episode 9

Published on:

8th Sep 2023

Ep9: The 10 Best Password Managers of 2023

In this episode, host Marc David and cybersecurity expert Dr. Emily Thompson discuss the top 10 password managers for 2023. They delve into the pros, cons, and unique features of each, providing listeners with a comprehensive guide to choosing the right password manager.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction: Recap of Episode 1, emphasizing the importance of using a password manager in today's digital landscape.
  • Guest Introduction: Dr. Emily Thompson, a cybersecurity expert with over a decade of experience, adjunct professor at MIT, and a frequent speaker at international conferences.
  • Master Password Tips:
  • Importance of a strong master password or passphrase.
  • Tips sourced from NIST's Digital Identity Guidelines and the SP 800 63 series.
  • Recommendations on password length, complexity, avoiding personal information, and more.

Top 10 Password Managers:

  1. LastPass: Popular choice with user-friendly interface, cross-platform support, and unique “Security Challenge” feature.
  2. Dashlane: Offers VPN integration, dark web monitoring, and an identity dashboard.
  3. 1Password: Ideal for families, with features like travel mode and watchtower.
  4. Keeper: Known for biometric login and a self-destruct feature.
  5. Bitwarden: Open-source option with data import capabilities.
  6. NordPass: From the makers of NordVPN, offers OCR scanning and password health checks.
  7. RoboForm: Not just a password manager, but also a form filler.
  8. Enpass: Offers offline access and a one-time purchase model.
  9. Sticky Password: Known for USB portability and local Wi-Fi syncing.
  10. Password Boss: Features a digital wallet, emergency access, and a security score.

Notable Mention:

  • Proton Pass: From the Proton team, offers end-to-end encryption, hide-my-email aliases, and acts as an identity manager.

Closing Remarks:

A reminder of the importance of digital security and the role of password managers in safeguarding online identities. Please review the research links below for more information regarding the LastPass breach.


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