Episode 22

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16th Nov 2023

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Byte Sized Security
Snackable advice on cyber security best practices tailored for professionals on the go
In a world where cyberattacks are becoming more commonplace, we all need to be vigilant about protecting our digital lives, whether at home or at work. Byte Sized Security is the podcast that provides snackable advice on cybersecurity best practices tailored for professionals on the go.

Hosted by information security expert, Marc David, each 15-20 minute episode provides actionable guidance to help listeners safeguard their devices, data, and organizations against online threats. With new episodes released every Monday, Byte Sized Security covers topics like social engineering, password management, multi-factor authentication, security awareness training, regulatory compliance, incident response, and more.

Whether you're an IT professional, small business owner, developer, or just someone interested in learning more about cybersecurity, Byte Sized Security is the quick, easy way to pick up useful tips and insights you can immediately put into practice. The clear, jargon-free advice is perfect for listening on your commute, during a lunch break, or working out.

Visit bytesizedsecurity.com to access episodes and show notes with key takeaways and links to useful resources mentioned in each episode. Don't let cybercriminals catch you off guard - get smart, fast with Byte Sized Security! Tune in to boost your cybersecurity knowledge and help secure your part of cyberspace.
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Marc David is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and the host of the cybersecurity podcast, Byte-Sized Security. He has over 15 years of experience in the information security field, specializing in network security, cloud security, and security awareness training. Marc is an engaging speaker and teacher with a passion for demystifying complex security topics. He got his start in security as a software developer for encrypted messaging platforms. Over his career, Marc has held security leadership roles at tech companies like Radius Networks and Vanco Payment Solutions. He now runs his own cybersecurity consulting and training firm helping businesses and individuals implement practical security controls. When he’s not hosting his popular security podcast, you can find Marc speaking at industry conferences or volunteering to teach kids cyber safety. Marc lives with his family outside of Boston where he also enjoys running, reading, and hiking.